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Mortgages can be a real boon even in tough times. Find out how to use your mortgage as a factor to boost your credit or even take on being a landlord. Find out how to get the right broker and how to win that mortgage and buy the house of your dreams. Which bank will give you the best deal? Discover how to re-finance your mortgage and change the details of your mortgage. Learn about taxes involved with your mortgage and any re-financing. Find out how to stop foreclosure and discover the best time to get a mortgage or re-finance the one you have now.

Tracker mortgage holders 'should be wary of base rate rise'

Posted on January 11, 2011 by Thomas Phillipson

An expert has said that the base interest rate is likely to increase in 2011. People with tracker mortgage home credit products should be wary of the fact that the country's interest rate is likely to increase over the duration of 2011, an expert has said.

Home loans up 2.8% in October, but not so good for credit card growth

Posted on January 11, 2011 by Thomas Phillipson

There was a rise of nearly three per cent in home loans compared to last year, latest figures have suggested. Home loans have increased by 2.8 per cent in October, according to the latest figures.

Help with Bad Credit Refinance

Posted on January 11, 2011 by Refinance-Itt

If you have bad credit you might not believe or aware about mortgage refinancing is something that mortgage lenders considers not possible. You may think this because you are uncomfortable and feel responsible about receiving into financial difficulty.

The Importance of Age Concern Equity Release, Equity release plans

Posted on January 10, 2011 by dorthy

The best way to be rich in terms of asset would be to won such a house which can be sold to make a handsome amount of money for managing your retired life.

Release Of Equity Simply A Solution Or A Blessing For Senior Citizens

Posted on January 10, 2011 by dorthy

The schemes on release of equity have been introduced for the old aged individuals who face financial troubles after getting retired. These programs have been designed to provide them a unique and beneficial platform to earn a significant income, as computed with the help of an equity release calculator.

Equity release plans just for you

Posted on January 10, 2011 by dorthy

According to Land Registry Figures for March 2006 in the UK, the average house price in England and Wales is as much as �192,745. It is not mandatory for you to mortgage your whole house but you can do it by mortgaging it partially.

Equity Release Solutions for Retirees

Posted on January 10, 2011 by dorthy

If you have retired from your service, and looking at ways to gain a stable financial assistance, then equity release solutions has surely got to be your answer.

How to Select a Mortgage Company?

Posted on January 10, 2011 by John Barak

Certainly you've to go for the best available option when it comes to decide one mortgage company among the countless. Let us examine what we want to look for. With a large expenditure such as a mortgage, you may be attracted to go in for showy advertising concerning low interest charge. Remember that it is not a regular matter and one should take it seriously.

Mortgage Refinancing With a Broker Costly Mistakes to Avoid When Refinancing With a Mortgage Broker

Posted on January 10, 2011 by Mortgage Refinancing

Reverse Mortgage lenders provide the mortgage either as a lump sum or a credit line, as per the customer's requirements. California mortgage lenders provide Reverse Mortgages in three categories, viz., Home Equity Conversion Mortgage, Single Purpose Reverse Mortgage, and Proprietary Reverse Mortgage. The first category is federally insured and the other two are offered by the agencies licensed by the government and by banks or private financial mortgage lending institutes. Californi...

Mortgage Aid Program by Obama is Hood Winked by Borrowers

Posted on January 7, 2011 by Refinance-Itt

The Obama administration's mortgage modification program is planned to help out the struggling American homeowners to avoid foreclosure, but almost half the 1.3 million house owners who have started the program are by now not at home, as per government information.

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